Refunds for events cancelled or rescheduled.

It is possible to request a refund of a ticket or subscription related to a canceled or rescheduled event.

The refunding methods of events is determined by the organizers independently.

For events canceled or postponed, the refund can be made:

through a cash refund on the payment method used for the original purchase or through a bank tranfer.

Or, where required by legal provisions,

through a voucher.

The type of refund choosen by the organizer will be made known to you at the time of verification of your product (ticket or subscription) for which the refund request is submitted for.

Once the request has been correctly submitted, it might take up to 60 days after we receive your request, for the refund to be processed.

Please note: As provided by the Terms and Conditions published on, and according to the Event Promoter provisions, you could be reimbursed the ticket face value, presale excluded.

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